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Flowers and plants are now available at Southside Feed and Supply. We have a wide variety of hanging baskets, ferns, flowers, Bonnie Plants and bedding plants in stock.

Be sure to pick up organic fertilizers and pest control products to keep your flower gardens weed and insect free. Need some gardening tips? Check out some of these great plant tips.


  1. Use trough planters as natural screens. They reduce noise and are used as barriers to separate walkways etc.
  2. Overwatering is the number one cause of plant death. Be sure you know how much water each plant needs.
  3. Your plants need water, light, and warmth to survive. So when you’re off on holiday, don’t forget about your green friends. Make sure that someone else knows to keep the blinds open and the thermostat up.
  4. Peat free compost is suitable for all your indoor plants.
  5. Variegated plants (featuring leaves with white edges or white flecks) often need more light than their green cousins. Keep them nearer to a window so that they can get all the light that they need.
  6. Plants acclimatize slowly to different surroundings by changing their leaf orientation and structure. If you can, try not to move them around, as they may not adapt as easily as you think.
  7. Regularly prune your plants to stop them becoming ‘leggy’. Once they’ve lost the foliage on their lower branches, it’s very difficult to get it to return.

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