Lindner Show Feed

Southside Feed is a proud dealer of Lindner Show Feed. We have show experts on site to help you raise your Champion. Lindner offers exceptional show feed for cattle, pigs, lambs and goats. Come by today and talk with our Show Feed Experts at Southside Feed to get advice on your show feed plan. If you have any questions about this product or any other products we sell, please call us or stop by the store today!

Southside offers three different types of pig feed along with goat and sheep feed:

  • 632 Pig
  • 611 Pig
  • 685 Pig
  • Advancer Goat Feed
  • Black Label Sheep

1. 632 Pig: This feed for MUSCLE & SHAPE. It can be fed anytime throughout the feeding period. Blends great with 685 (to grow and maintain) or 611 (for more bulk).

Protein: 20%
Fat: 5.0%
Lysine: 1.4%
Form: Meal/Pellet
Medication: Safe Guard/ BMD

2. 611 Pig: A Scud Missile is great to start on, for the final push or anytime for extra BULK & MASS. Extremely quick results when FAT & BLOOM are needed. Mixes great with 632 (even more bulk) or 685 (even fleshier) to fine tune.

Protein: 23%
Fat: 7.0%
Lysine: 1.5%
Form: Meal/Pellet
Medication: Bambermycins or Ractopamine

3. 685 Pig: This is 16% of choice as it allows you to MAINTAIN a proper growth rate and muscle development. 685 is truly a SAFE feed that preserves a show-ready look. Blends great with 632 (to grow and maintain) or 611 (to flesh even more).

Protein: 16%
Fat: 6.5%
Lysine: 1.0%
Form: Meal/Pellet
Medication: Bambermycins

 Black Label Sheep: This product was developed as a universal feed for club lambs from start to finish. They start on feed quickly and keep eating through the summer, fall, and follow on through major shows. This textured feed was designed with today’s trend of a smooth finished lamb that still has that hard handle and athletic look.
Protein: 16%
Fat: 2.5%
Fiber: 12.6%
Medication: Decco

 Show-Rite Advancer Goat Feed: This feed promotes earlier bloom and smoother handle in sale wethers and jackpot goats. Advance maturity and muscularity in market goats at all stages of growth. It includes the daily recommended level of Rite-Factor already in the bag.

Protein: 15%
Fat: 3.5%
Fiber: 12%
Medication: Rumensin

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