Flock Block

Whole Grain Enrichment Supplement: For free-ranging poultry and game birds Encourages natural pecking instincts to help reduce cannibalism Contains oyster...

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Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles

Feed your backyard flock. Purina  Flock Raiser Crumbles provide complete and balanced nutrition for healthy flocks and baby birds. Sustain...

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Purina Flock Raiser Medicated

A 20%-protein, nutrient-rich ration that provides starting, growing and finishing nutrition for broiler/meat birds. Flock Raiser® provides the necessary nutrition for...

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Purina Layena Plus Omega-3

Purina Layena+ Omega-3 feed includes all 38 nutrients hens need with added omega-3. With Layena+ Omega-3 feed, hens can produce...

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Purina Mills Ground Oyster Shell

Oyster shell is sometimes fed to chickens because it is an excellent source of calcium. Purina complete feeds are formulated...

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Purina® Layena® Pellets

Purina® Layena® layer feed provides all 38 nutrients laying hens need once they’re 18 weeks old and laying eggs. Feeding Purina®Layena® to your...

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Purina Scratch Grains

Purina® Scratch Grains are a blend of high-quality grains to complement complete feeds and encourage natural pecking foraging and feeding instincts. Purina® Scratch...

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Start & Grow Non-Medicated

An 18%-protein ration perfect for raising laying chicks from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks). Start and Grow uses only...

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